Untitled photo

I have a love for the outdoors and the natural wonders of our world. I look for subjects that captivate and intrigue me. Sometimes I’m able to see a beautiful scene before me. At other times, it’s not until I study the photograph later and see that I can crop it into a completely different but captivating composition.

I usually paint my watercolors from my photographs. I'm very detailed oriented and enjoy finding ways to paint the textures, buildings, clouds, water, and people from what I see and remember.  Some of my paintings can take a month or more to create.

My images express my feelings for the places I’ve visited and the beauty of what I encounter along the way. This may be as simple as having my camera with me at the right moment while walking in town, or in the woods, or it could be after a carefully planned trip. It usually involves taking as many photographs as I can while paying attention to light, color, contrast, and composition.

What I present to you are my interpretations of what I see. I hope you enjoy them.



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